Classic Pole Series
As Shown: BA-410 WRB1 TRO TSB-3 $283.40 As Shown: BA-410 WRB1 SF-24OCT TSB-2 $500.50
As Shown: BA-410 WRB1 TRO DBL TSB-3 $296.40 As Shown: BA-410 WRB1 SF-24OCT TRO DBL TSB-3 $521.30
The Classic Street sign pole is perfect for your Custom Street Signage System and decorative street signs. Available in smooth break away or in a fluted pole for extra strength, the Classic Pole is enhanced with a cast aluminum fluted base to add a decorative touch and improve the curb appeal of the unit. We can also supply DOT approved signs to go with your Classic Pole.
  • Decorative Street Sign Pole
  • Sculpted base adds to appearance and value
  • 3” O/D Fluted Pole or 3" O/D Fluted Break-away Pole
  • 3” O/D Smooth Break-away Pole also available
  • Rust free cast aluminum
  • Maintenance free powder coated finish
  • Coordinating cast aluminum lighting, mailboxes, and posts available with matching finishes

A step up from a Vista Pole, the Classic Pole Series provides a decorative sculpted base for an upscale look that complements traditional and contemporary architecture. The Fluted Pole adds to the strength and presents a more decorative appearance. Also available with a smooth pole.

The Classic Pole Series is available in the options:
Diagram of fluted pole shape





Breakaway Poles are approved by the
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