The Richmond Clock

The Richmond Clock
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A clock in the town square has been a mainstay of communities since Victorial times. The Crowning Touch for a development striving to become a community is a predominant focal point in the common areas. Allow your community the focal point with a large clock on a main thouroughfare or entrance. It makes a strong statement and gives a finishing touch to the landscaping of the community. A large clock in the courtyard and several smaller or wall mounted clocks in strategic locations will give a recurring theme to the street plan. Manufactured by Special Lite Products.

If you would like to order a clock please add the item to your shopping cart with the options you would like and either fax the order to (314)787-9206 or email the order to Once we have received your order we will provide you with a total with your selected options and the necessary freight charges. At that time we will complete the payment processing for your order.

Height 11.5"
Base 17 1/2" X 17 1/2"
Features Benefits
Rust Proof Cast Aluminum
All Electric (110v)
Ready to Install
Face Diameter: 24"
Lexan Covers Over Faces
Extremely Reliable
Entry door to set time
Available with Arabic or Roman Numerals
Interior and Exterior Uses
Suitable for all Climates/Temperatures
Quickset time reset system
Optional Lighted Face
Optional Face Logo
Optional Electronic Reset
Available in all Special Lite Finishes